Don't Hit the Desert Without These!

Don't Hit the Desert Without These!

Festival season has arrived and what a better way to get ready than with these festival MUST HAVES! We've got you babes covered from hair, skin, accessories and the prefect B. Swim kini! Our friends from Sun Bum, Captain Blankenship and Herbivore Botanicals have some great products that will keep you going all weekend long. Whether you're dancing the night away, or hanging with your friends, you'll be looking fresh and fabulous. 


BIKINI - B. Swim | Orchid Lani One-Piece 

SKIN/HAIR - Sun Bum | SPF 30 Original Spray Sunscreen | SPF 30 Face Stick | SPF 30 Coconut Lip Balm \ Captain Blankenship | Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray | Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray | Lime & Vetiver Cream Deodorant \ Herbivore Botanicals | After Sun Mist | Jasmine Body Oil | Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray in Coconut 

SHORTS - One Teaspoon | Blue Malt Bandits 

SUNGLASSES -  Quay Australia | High Key (Quay X Desi)



Sun Bum is a small company that originated in Cocoa Beach, Florida which produces products that are carefully formulated to protect those who live and love the sun. Whether you want sun coverage on your face, body, or lips, they've got it all. For those babes that love to be tan, they've got some awesome tanning products as well, that will give you the dark tan you want without the risks associated with long sun exposure, like their Self Tanning Towelettes

It is extremely important to protect ourselves from the sun because too much sun is very damaging to our skin therefore, during the hot festival season the #1 item that you absolutely must not forget is SUNSCREEN! Sun Bum offers a variety of SPF. Their SPF 30 Original Spray Sunscreen is a great go-to. If you're not a fan of spray sunscreens, no worries, they've got their SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion too. Need a little more coverage? Great! Their SPF 50 Original Sunscreen is another great option as well. You're also going to want to protect that beautiful face of yours, and that hat won't fully protect you from the sun. Put on some of their SPF 30 Face Stick and you're good to go! 

Lastly, let's not forget about those lips! You don't want to kiss your bae with sun burnt and chapped lips do you? Put on some of their SPF 30 Coconut Lip Balm which not only protects your lips from the sun but also smells delicious!

After a long day of basking in the sun, put on some of the 'Cool Down' Hydrating After Sun Gel which will moisturize and restore sun damaged skin with healing aloe. Pro tip: store it in the fridge for an even more cooling effect. Thank us later! ;) 

You're going to want to get your hands on these. Trust us, trust the bum!



Captain Blankenship has a great selection of amazing beauty products for hair, skin, and body for all you mermaids out there. Not only do their ingredients come from cold pressed organic plant oils, flowers, seaweeds, seal salt, and organic essential oils, but they are also ingredients that are extremely beneficial for our skin, body, and hair.

Keep your locks looking great with their Mermaid Dry Shampoo and Sea Salt Hair Spray. Love both? Awesome! They have a Mermaid Hair Care Set which includes both of these great products, as well as the Mermaid Hair Oil which adds luster, moisture, and smoothness to your beautiful mermaid hair, which is especially needed with the drying hot desert weather! Their Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray is also amazing for naturally lighting your hair when activated by the sun. Finally, lock in your fabulous hair look with some sparkle (because who doesn't love a little sparkle, right?) with their Golden Waves Shimmer Spray which adds texture and beach waves! You will for sure be turning heads with that luscious hair of yours! 

All that dancing and walking is bound to make you all hot and sweaty. Gross! Avoid that by smelling fresh with their Lime and Vetiver Cream Deodorant which will protect you from oil and bacteria all day long. So go ahead and dance all you want, you're solid! 

Lastly, keep those pesky desert bugs away with their Sail Away Bug Spray which as a bonus, even smells delicious!



Herbivore Botanicals is also another amazing brand that offers a variety of products for hair, face, skin and body. Not only are their products made from organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients, but are also created for personal rejuvenation. Like their About section states, "daily bathing and skincare rituals should be enjoyable — a way to carve out some much-needed downtime in your hectic routine." Also, lets not forget about their gorgeous packaging! 

Keep your skin soft and hydrated throughout the hot day with their Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. After a long, hot, and exhausting day, spray some of their After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist to bring relief to hot, sun drenched skin. You're going to want to store this one in refrigerator for extra cooling as well! 

Keep your hair from going flat with their Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray in Coconut. Not only does it smell incredible but will bring back life and volume to your hair. 

It is essential to hydrate your skin all weekend long from keeping it feeling dry and dull. Moisturize with their Jasmine Body Oil which will nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. 


The B. Swim Lani One-piece is the perfect suit for festival season to wear with your favorite bottoms! Not only is it incredibly soft but also extremely comfortable to wear. Available now in: Orchid, Luna Stripe, Midnight, Shoreline Tie Dye Blue, and Island Blossom White.

See you babes in the desert! 🌵