Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie & Golden Cookies

Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie & Golden Cookies

It's time to get ready for St. Patrick's Day!! ☘️This year we're bringing you a thick and creamy mint chocolate chip smoothie that tastes like a milkshake from Celebrating Sweets that's not only healthy, but SUPER delicious as well! It's plant based and very easy to make! Milkshakes are usually filled with tons of sugar and unhealthy ingredients that your body doesn't need, so why not drink a healthy alternative! 

Okay, so MAYBE you want to indulge and have a little sugar.. don't worry! We've got you covered ;) For those of you who have a sweet tooth, we found this awesome idea from Pinterest that pairs perfectly with our smoothie! GOLDEN COVERED OREOS (or in our case, Joe Joe's). These golden covered sandwich cookies look really cool and resemble gold coins. No need to go rainbow hunting for that pot of gold! 🌈 After all, who has time to haggle with a leprechaun!? 💰


-1 small frozen banana

-1 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

-1 cup fresh spinach

-1/4 small/medium sized avocado

-20-30 fresh mint leaves depending on how minty you like it 

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder or collagen peptides (we used vanilla protein powder)

-1/2 cup crushed ice or more, if you'd like it thicker

-1 tablespoon cacao nibs 

-whipped cream or whipped coconut cream for garnish, optional

Prep Time: 5 min. 

*makes one smoothie 



1. Place banana, milk, spinach, avocado, mint, protein powder, and ice in a blender.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Add cacao nibs and stir or briefly pulse (don't completely puree the chocolate otherwise the color of the smoothie will turn brown).

4. Serve immediately, garnished with whipped cream and additional cacao nibs, if desired.



-1 box of your favorite sandwich cookies (we used Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's) 

Note: We used the vanilla flavored cookies so the gold color would pop more, however, the chocolate flavored cookies will also work

-1 can of edible gold spray