Meet Our Lovely Makeup Artist - Mallorie Mason đź’„

Meet Our Lovely Makeup Artist - Mallorie Mason đź’„

Meet Mallorie Mason, our fabulous makeup artist who's behind the makeup looks at our photoshoots. Mallorie has been in the industry for about 11 years and is always ready to achieve any look that is requested. From print, commercial, to television and weddings, Mallorie has done it all! Not only is she a professional makeup artist but also does hair, micro blading , and eyelash extensions.  

 She's beautiful inside and out - we truly ❤️ her! 

 Read below to get to know more about her: 

1. How long have you been a makeup artist and what made you want to become one?

I have been in the beauty industry for about 11 years and a freelance artist for 9. It will be 10 years next year. I realized I was actually good at this makeup thing when I was a freshman and friends started asking me to do their makeup, all the HS dances, and Cheer competitions. That latest all throughout HS. I got accepted for a trade school scholarship senior year and I later used that for Makeup School.
    2. At what age did you start wearing makeup?

    I started playing with my mom’s makeup at a very young age. I think I was about 7. I would sneak her Cover Girl mascara and Wet n Wild lip stick to play. I played softball as a child and I was the girl that wore the blue mascara (because my mom wouldn’t let me wear black) to games. 

    3. How do you prepare for photoshoots? Does it help to know who the models are in advance?

    I prep for a shoot by making sure my brushes and sponges are washed and sanitized. I like to see the models beforehand, so I make sure I have the appropriate shades. I always ask the client what the style and mood of the shoot is.

    4. What is the most challenging part about being a makeup artist?

    Most challenging part is schedule. There are no days off unless you make days off. I don’t have the normal Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. I have to find the balance in working and maintaining relationships with friends, family and ME time. I feel so blessed to have this problem though, I love what I do!

    5. What’s your go-to beauty tip to give your family and friends?

    My family/friends like to ask me about foundation. They ask me to help find their shade, best brand and how to apply. I think this is the most common issue we face when we buy new makeup. Always ask for a sample so you can take it home and try it in natural light and see how it wears throughout the day.

    6. Where do you get your inspiration?

    I get my inspiration from other artists and even the everyday woman. I follow a-lot of artists on Instagram who I think do clean and pretty makeup. I also like to follow avant-garde style artists to see what the latest trends are. I think it’s important to always keep learning. I love trying and playing with new products, applications and faces. I always ask my clients what their favorite product or tips are.

    7. How often do you shop for makeup?

    I find myself shopping for makeup about 3 times a month. Such as, when I have to replenish on product (that seems to happen a little more often) or if I’m wanting to try new product. I usually try to not go overboard, but it’s definitely where most of my checks go haha

    8. What is the most challenging beauty product to apply?

    If I had to pick, my least favorite/challenging part of application is lips. It’s most challenging to make sure the client feels comfortable with the color, liner and gloss.

    9. What’s the most exciting place you’ve been to for work?

    I went to Cuba for work last year and that was exciting! But I would have to pick the Bahamas. I went 2 times last year and I absolutely love it there. The beaches, atmosphere and the people are so friendly.

    10. You have 5 minutes to do your makeup, what are you putting on your face?

    If I have 5 minutes, I put mascara on and I little concealer. Mascara gives the illusion that you're awake and the concealer helps brighten up your eyes.