Mother's Day DIY Herb Garden

Mother's Day DIY Herb Garden

Mother's Day is here and for many of us, finding a gift for mom can sometimes be challenging! If you've run out of ideas, or simply run out of time, here is a quick and creative gift that mom will love! Real Simple has a fun and cute "Table Top Herb Garden" feature from Make it & Love it which is also perfect for the Spring! Hand made gifts are excellent gifting ideas especially since they are crafted with love and show that you took the time out of your day to make them. Plus who doesn't love a mini indoor garden! 

Here's what you'll need:

-Mason Jars (whatever number you want to plant)

-Potting soil

-Herbs/seeds of your liking 

-Small crate of your choice (we chose a wooden crate)

-Small rocks/pebbles to help with drainage (we added shells for a fun twist!) 



1. First, add the rocks pebbles for drainage

2. Add a small amount of potting soil, depending on what size jar you have

3. Carefully place plant inside

4. Add more soil and gently pat down

5. Add a small amount of water and store near a window that has great sunlight  


*You can add some signs to make sure which plant is which!  

You're all set! Mom's going love it! 🌱