Happy GALentine's Day!

February 07, 2017

Who needs a Valentine when you can have a GALentine! Grab your best gal friends and throw a Valentine's Day GIRLS NIGHT IN! Put on your favorite Swim Systems bikini, get in the jacuzzi and relax. Don't forget the chocolate! Our friends at Fine & Raw have some delicious hand made Valentine's Day chocolates that are raw, made with organic ingredients, and are VEGAN! Now, add some candles and some bubbly, and you're all set!  


BIKINIS: Swim Systems | Wild Rose Scandal 1PC  C101 | Ivory Coast Lovestruck C626 Bondi Bottom C204

CHOCOLATE: Fine & Raw | Valentines Day Sea Salt Bar, Raspberry Bar and Almond Chunky 

CANDLE: Evil Queen | Girls Night