Holiday Mason Jar Lanterns

Holiday Mason Jar Lanterns


The holidays are upon us and you know what that means? Time for some holiday decorating! The holiday season is the perfect time for some DIY crafts that are not only fun but can also save you some money! The Budget Decorator has an awesome DIY mason jar lantern idea that is super easy and fun to make! Mason jars are great for all sorts of crafts just like this one! Of course, you can get as creative ad you'd like and make this idea your own.



- Clear mason jars (however many depending on the word you'd like to make)

- Large letter stickers 

- LED candles 

- Ribbon 

- Frosted glass spray paint 

-Clear matte sealer or glitter spray paint

- Any additional items to decorate 


1. Place each letter sticker on a jar, centered and remove lid

2. Spray paint jars with the frosted glass paint. Spray a couple of coats letting them dry 30 minutes in between. After the last coat let dry for 1 hour then spray with clear matte sealer or glitter spray paint. Let dry for 1 hour. 

3. Remove stickers 

4. Tie ribbon around lid and add any extra decorations

5. Insert LED lights 

& You're all set!