Summer Bonfire Apple Dippers

Summer Bonfire Apple Dippers

One of the best activities during summer is getting all your friends together to have a bonfire and with every bonfire brings some delicious SNACKS! Sure s'mores are a staple bonfire snack, but have you tried something else that's just as warm and delicious? 

We found this amazing idea from Craftberry Bush to make your own caramel apple bar. Although this idea was intended for an autumn activity, we thought it would also be perfect for a summer bonfire, too! 

Of course, you can get as creative as you want and use any supplies that you think might work, but below are the items that you'll need (or something similar).


-A muffin tin (perfect for holding all your toppings)

-Cupcake/muffin liners (make the toppings easily removable from the tray to pass them around to your friends to dip their apples in) 

-Toppings of choice 

For the warm base:

- We used: dark chocolate & caramel 


-We used: graham crackers, dark chocolate, mini marshmallows, coconut sugar with cinnamon, crushed nuts, coconut shreds  

-Fondue pot (although we used mini glass bowls which were easily microwavable, we recommend a mini pot to put over the fire) 

-Candy sticks/skewers 

-Apples (you can purchase them pre-sliced to save you a step and make it easier) 



1. Place all your toppings inside liners to place on muffin tray

2. Slice apples and insert candy sticks 

3. Melt your warm bases

4. Dip your apple slice in the warm base, then dip in topping of choice

5. Enjoy!

TIP: To prevent apples from turning brown, dip apple wedges in a carbonated drink (which contain citric acid) such as ginger ale, lemon-lime soda (Sprite).