About the Designer

At a very young age both Anchondo’s grandmothers and mother showed her how to sew. She began making clothes for her Barbies and then clothes for herself. Going to the fabric and craft stores was such an excitement for her. She would go through every aisle touching and smelling every fabric until she selected the fabric to take home. It wasn’t until high school that she dreamt of swimwear.

Crystalle grew up by Venice beach and that was her zen. She and her sister would run or bike up the coast on weekends and meet up with friends for some beach volleyball. Soaking up the warm sun and beach breezes, that was the life. With a love for the sand and sea she went on to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Art Institute Orange County.

What she loves most about designing is creating something that was only in her imagination and making it come to life. She enjoys creating designs that not only she loves, but that a customer can love and appreciate because they feel it was made just for them. Swimwear may be smaller pieces, but she strives for the perfect complimenting fit and for it to be on trend overall.

Crystalle travels often and has been to Mexico, Europe, and the Southern Asian seas. She looks to everything and everywhere for inspiration. The bead detail on a dress, to the colors of fruit can spark ideas and spiral into new designs. The idea is to always keep an open mind she says, always embrace your surroundings, and envision what something could be transformed to. That’s what makes designing fun and adventurous on its own!

In her spare time Crystalle likes to create costumes for friends and family. She even creates miniature swimwear for her daughters Audrey and Athena! When she is not designing swimwear you can find her baking yummy desserts or hanging out with her husband and two daughters.